Spring Tire Pressure Checks in Summerland

Jun 7,2022

Your Ford's safety, fuel economy and ride quality are impacted when your tires aren't properly inflated. Too much air pressure or not enough can also reduce the life span of your tires.  As we transition into warmer weather in BC, now is the best time to check your tire pressure. Did you know that the pounds per square inch (PSI) can vary by 1-2 PSI for every 10-degree difference for ambient temperature? That's a huge difference! Checking pressure is simple – all you need is a tire gauge and your Owner's Guide, which contains the recommended PSI for your Ford make and model. These seven tips from Skaha Ford's Service Department are also helpful: 1. Check your tire air pressure at least once a month.  2. Make sure the tires are cold/rested since the heat generated by driving can impact the reading. 3. Write down the PSI reading for all four tires – don't assume they are all the same. 4. Use an air compressor to refill any tires with low pressure. 5. Complete a visual inspection of your tires to spot any damage, uneven wear or punctures. 6. If you strike a curb or hit a pothole, re-check the inflation of your tires. 7. With each 10-degree change in temperature, ensure your tires are at the correct PSI reading. Should you have concerns about your Ford's tire pressure, our Service Department is just a phone call away. To have your tires inspected by one of our Technicians, contact our team at Skaha Ford in BC to book a maintenance appointment.