Steering System Maintenance for Medium-Duty Trucks in Summerland

Jun 7,2022

Steering systems on medium-duty trucks don't get much thought until vehicle handling is compromised or drivers complain of steering troubles. But like all main components on a vehicle, this system benefits from preventative maintenance from our service experts at Skaha Ford in BC. When trucks age, parts loosen, hoses crack, and seals wear out. Normal wear and tear on other components in the steering system, such as ball joints, drag links and kingpins, impact how a vehicle handles. Regular visual inspections of these components can identify issues before they affect how a truck performs while also avoiding long periods of downtime. Regular inspections should include the steering reservoir and fluid levels, including checking the hoses for cracks or seepages. If steering fluid leaks, air can get into the system, leading to cavitation of the pump. Drivers may also notice a whining sound from the pump, and the steering wheel may vibrate or chatter when driving.  Don't let your commercial fleet succumb to steering system troubles. Instead, book an inspection with our service experts at Skaha Ford in BC to keep your medium-duty trucks performing their best.