Schedule A Cooling System Inspection in Westbank

Jun 7,2022

Hot weather and traffic jams – a reality that drivers in Westbank, BC, face each summer. Whether commuting, carpooling or enjoying family road trips, you don't want to be slowed down by poor vehicle performance. That's why regular coolant system flushes are not only recommended but required – and offered by our Service Department at Skaha Ford. Engine coolant has anti-freeze, anti-boil and anticorrosive qualities; however, these properties deteriorate over time, resulting in sludge, scale and rust formation. These deposits clog the narrow tubes within the radiator and heater, causing restricted coolant flow, which can lead to insufficient engine cooling and overheating.  If you drive your Ford after overheating, the cylinder heads will eventually deform. This can result in a blown head gasket, leading to a lengthy and costly repair. It also interferes with the combustion process since deformed heads do not function well. Having a cooling system flush completed on your Ford is a quick and easy maintenance visit. Old engine coolant is exchanged using new coolant using specialized equipment. Our Technicians will also pressure test the system to determine any possible leaks and inspect cooling system hoses and clamp connections to ensure long-lasting performance. To learn more about our routine maintenance services, contact Skaha Ford in BC today.