Westbank Drivers: Schedule An Air Filter Change Today

Jun 7,2022

High-performance demands more than supercharged engine suites. Instead preventative care is needed - with commercial drivers seeking to assess, correct, and improve their vehicles with scheduled maintenance. Skaha Ford embraces this philosophy, connecting our customers in Westbank and beyond with a full line of service options. This includes air filter changes  To ensure that commercial vehicles achieve optimal performance Shaka Ford offers filter changes. This helps to maintain engine outputs, enabling unwanted particles and debris to be trapped before entering the block (as well as promoting improved air flow). Through this, the combustion sequence can be completed with minimal interruptions - greatly enhancing horsepower, torque, and economy.  Critics suggest changing an air filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles to assure maximum performance (for many drivers this may amount to once a year but commercial units can experience higher turnovers). Skaha Ford knows, however, that this measurement doesn't always prove accurate; and Westbank operators should instead gauge output:   Be aware of frequent misfires. Watch out for heavy black exhaust. Monitor mileage for sudden drops in performance. Note a loss in horsepower.  Should these symptoms occur, a filter change may be needed - and Skaha Ford should be contacted to perform it (along with a variety of other preventative services). Schedule an appointment today to learn more.