How Often Should Oliver Drivers Have Their Headlights Checked?

June 7,2022

Long nights, dark roads - commercial drivers in Oliver, BC find themselves forever moving forward. Payloads care nothing for the night, and tasks must be completed (no matter how late the hour). The need for perfectly functioning headlamps, therefore, proves essential.  This is why Skaha Ford offers headlight maintenance services.   The life of a light will vary greatly - with both bulb type and usage determining the span. Critics agree, however, that 1,000 hours should serve as the minimum for replacement consideration (this typically translates to one to two years). At that point drivers must assess how their headlamps are performing, including:   Illumination - is the light pattern still even and bright?  Beam Width - does the light pattern arc appropriately? Consistency - does the light pattern flicker at random? Responsiveness - is the light pattern delayed after activating the engine? Recognizing these signs proves crucial - and drivers in Oliver and beyond must immediately respond to them. Scheduling a preventative maintenance appointment at Skaha Ford will ensure that headlamps can be properly assessed (and replaced if needed). Allow out Red Seal certified technicians to examine your commercial vehicle, noting any exterior repairs that are required.  To learn more about our medium duty services contact us today.