Power Steering Maintenance for Medium-Duty Trucks in Westbank

June 7,2022

It's a series of whining noises any time you turn the wheel. Your steering feels slow to respond and stiff in your hands. You may believe that your power steering pump is performing without issue – but the warning signs tell otherwise. If left unmaintained, failure is likely – and the safety of your passengers is compromised. This is why Skaha Ford in BC offers power steering scheduled maintenance to Westbank commercial fleets. When you book your Ford medium-duty truck for a power steering service, our team of factory-trained technicians with Red Seal certifications will exchange old power steering fluid within the system using specialized equipment. This ensures that the fluid retains its hydraulic and lubricating properties to steer a vehicle. Over time, seals, O-rings and internal power steering components can wear out and contaminant the liquid, causing the pump to work harder and eventually die. You should change your truck's power steering fluid every 60,000 km; however, following the maintenance interval outlined in your Ford Owner's Guide is best. Commercial vehicles also have extreme operating conditions, which may require service in a shorter timeframe. Skaha Ford offers a wide range of automotive services for medium-duty trucks and RVs. To learn more, contact our team today for details.