Wheel Balancing for Hedley Medium-Duty Commercial Fleets

Jun 7,2022

Poor fuel economy, premature tread wear, and annoying vibrations are symptoms that commercial truck operators in Hedley, BC, never want – or need – to experience. Having your wheels balanced not only saves your fleet money from rising fuel costs and tire replacements, but it ensures you and your crew a more comfortable ride – something your hard-working fleet deserves. This is why Skaha Ford offers wheel balancing services for commercial vehicles.  The process of wheel balancing places weights on wheel rims using specialized equipment. The goal is to ensure equalized weight distribution around a revolving wheel and assembly to minimize any aggravating sensations at high speeds, like vibrations in the steering wheel, the floorboard or the seat. Constant vibrations can cause uneven wear and premature replacement of your medium-duty truck's tires, suspension, alignment and steering components. Ensuring regular wheel balancing, therefore, is essential. Don't let an unbalanced ride lead to long periods of downtime and expensive repairs. Instead, schedule a preventative maintenance appointment at our Service Department. Our Red Seal certified technicians will inspect your commercial vehicle, noting any wheels requiring balancing or tires due for replacement. Contact us at Skaha Ford in BC to learn more about our medium-duty services for commercial fleets.